Bituminous cold bond adhesive

PRATIKO ADESIVO is a bituminous adhesive, reinforced with synthetic elastic fibers, which establishes the bonding layer between the application surface and the waterproofing membrane, assuring the roof a flexible and permanently durable layer. PRATIKO ADESIVO also prevents vapor transmission between the interior and exterior of the roof and therefore acts as a vapor shield. PRATIKO ADESIVO applied evenly and uniformly over the substrate fills in all the irregularities such as cracks and fissures which may be found on the surface. PRATIKO ADESIVO improves the waterproofing system by not modifying the characteristics of the membrane, something which instead may happen during the most commonly used torch application where an irregular use of flame can alter the same. The PRATKO ADESIVO provides a fully bonded surface to the substrate including on old bituminous membranes, also mineral finished, regenerating the old waterproofing layer by saturating and filling in any cracks, fissures or irregularities.