Solvent-based synthetic primer

Solvent-based quick-drying synthetic primer for concrete and metal surfaces. PRIMER SINT is used on concrete structures to prepare a good anchorage for polymer-bitumen membranes. In particular, the application of selfadhesive polymer bitumen membranes requires a product that, in addition to blocking the dust, increase adherence to support. It blocks the effects of dust providing an excellent adhesion to the support and - compared to standard primers - provides a better grip on the support itself and on polymer-bitumen membranes, a very quick drying film and a better elasticity. PRIMER SINT is employed on concrete viaducts and bridges, metal surfaces, before the application of polymerbitumen membranes. The dried film has an excellent elasticity and adhesion to the support and - compared to common bituminous primers - gives much better results even at very low temperatures (less than +10°C). Moreover, it dries in a few minutes, considerably reducing waiting time before the application of polymer-bitumen membranes.