Dual-component waterproofing elastic cement mix for external protection and waterproofing

T-LASTIC is a dual-component cementbased mortar, obtained by mixing COMPONENT A composed of selected inert cement binders and special additives and COMPONENT B composed of synthetic polymers in aqueous dispersion. Mixing the two components it creates a paste that can be easily worked and applied either horizontally or vertically. T-LASTIC is used for waterproofing and protecting concrete structures, increasing the durability of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, for waterproofing and protecting both rendered and masonry walls (especially wainscots), for rendering with fissures where there is a risk of small leaks, waterproofing and protecting balcony, parapet, shower cubicle and kitchen cement screed before laying down ceramic tiles, or waterproofing foundations wall and protecting structures used to contain water.